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Echizi E-station uses lithium-ion polymer batteries
Time: 2017/5/8   Hits: 5880 

The use of mobile power friends more or less will personally experience or heard of such a thing, that is, there are many mobile power and the actual performance of the nominal capacity of a large gap, and some mobile power also appeared inexplicable damage And even burn the accident, the main causes of these problems and mobile power used by the batteries, and today we come to talk to you talk about the topic of mobile power batteries, interested friends may wish to look at.

Echizi E-station uses lithium-ion polymer batteries
Currently on the market in the sale of mobile power batteries used in the main two, one is 18650 battery, the other is the polymer lithium battery. 18650 battery in the mobile power is more common, 18650 battery diameter 18.0mm, 65.0mm high size of the name, the common 18650 battery with lithium-ion battery, lithium iron phosphate and nickel-metal hydride batteries. In the mobile power used in the 18650 battery is generally a liquid lithium-ion battery, the voltage is 3.6V, capacity 1500mAh ~ 3100mAh. The use of 18650 battery power supply often through the multi-section 18650 in parallel to enhance the capacity of the form, but because the 18650 battery heat performance is poor, crowded layout will cause heat dissipation, so the safety is relatively low, while the parallel battery if not Strict computer matching, will produce a different battery voltage caused by the loop loss, affecting the actual performance of mobile power.

Echizi E-station uses lithium-ion polymer batteries
It is to be noted that lithium-ion batteries are classified into a Li-based Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) and a Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery (PLB). 18650 battery mentioned above belongs to the liquid lithium-ion battery, polymer lithium-ion battery used in the positive and negative materials and liquid lithium ions are the same, the battery works are basically the same, their main difference is that the electrolyte is different. Liquid lithium-ion batteries use liquid electrolytes, polymer lithium-ion batteries with solid polymer electrolyte instead, this polymer can be "dry", it can be "colloidal", most of the current use of polymer colloid Electrolyte.

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