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Mobile phone lithium-ion battery really will explode?
Time: 2017/5/8   Hits: 5694 

I believe we have seen on the network about mobile phone battery drums, expansion or even explosion of the news, the news sounds frightening, but may still have a small partner asked, cell phone battery is really really will explode, today we To talk about this question.
Will the cell phone really explode?
The answer is yes, the battery is responsible for the storage of electricity is part of the battery, but when overcharge, over discharge, there may be breakdown of low battery batteries in the battery, the battery short circuit, causing high temperature and pressure and explosion. So the mobile phone battery in the process of charging the most prone to explosion.
We know that the current cell phone batteries are lithium batteries, and lithium is the chemical cycle table on the smallest and most active metal, small size so high capacity density. Lithium chemical properties are too lively, lithium metal exposed to the air, and oxygen will produce intense oxidation and explosion. In order to improve safety and voltage, scientists invented the use of graphite and lithium cobalt oxide (and lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials) and other materials to store lithium.

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