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Name:portable power station SKA2500
Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
the safetest lithium battery at present.
battery pack:built in 48pcs 32125 model cells,assembled 12Sx4P, that is 38.4V/60Ah,higher voltage reduce the energy loss during working.ABS trestles to fasten batteries both up or down sides, protect batteries to be solid whole units when the power station in abuse conditions. With the elaborate trestles, the 1mm space between adjacent batteries ensure batteries efficient heat dispersed.
Cycle life:6000 times
Software protection:With the BMS protect features is the upgraded by latest chips from Mitsubihi and Texas, overcharge, over voltage, over current, short-circuit and more test items dates be sophisticated promoted and making the battery more safety.
performance in different enviroment,the battery management system (BMS) is innovated, orderly manges 48 batteries with various conditions, such as 4000w peak output, from -4℉ to 104℉ temperature, more than 10 devices to be powered together by SKA2500 and so on.In addition to the LFP battery and BMS ‘s ability to resist temperatures as low as -10°c, the SKA2500 has a specially developed, all-new thermal structure with an interactive airflow temperature system to better heat up the battery in the winter when the temperature drops.
Air switch as main switch is often use for electric power or alternating current tools, and it be regarded as the best protect device to heavy-duty tools such as circular saw which requires more than 2500w or more to start up. 
Maybe SKA2500 is the first power station, to adopt it to be the main switch, when detect subtle risks which may cause irreversible damage, air switch will turn off the power station immediately with less than 0.5ms, till correct all mistakes or misoperations.
When you turn off the air switch for carriage or storage,SKA2500 be in the static state, even the other buttons of the power station be operated. 
The SKA2500’s advanced enables you to operate a number of heavy-duty
outdoor appliances and tools (up to 2500W). With the SUNGZU SKA2500, traditional devices such as laptops, lights, CPAP machines, drones, TVs, and projectors can be powered for prolonged periods of time. It is also capable of running larger load devices such as saws (requires 2,500 watts to start up,) hairdryers, and even an electric car with ease.Voltage can exceed the maximum level to up to 2500W to carry out these substantial tasks.
AC Inverter:AC2000W/Surge 4000W The SKA2500 is equipped with five different port options, including fast-charging USB-A ports, 12v car charging ports, regular 12V DC ports(dc5521), 220v/110V AC ports(support all socket types worldwide 110V-240V),It can power a wide range of devices and appliances like power tools, medical devices, and home appliances.
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