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My charge treasure in the end can not bring? Lithium battery to take the opportunity to see!
Time: 2017/5/8   Hits: 5678 

1. Can the spare lithium battery be stored in checked baggage

Can not.

Civil Aviation Authority issued the "lithium battery air transport regulations" provides spare batteries or equipment in the battery as baggage transport, lithium metal or lithium alloy battery lithium content of not more than 2g;

However, the actual operation, most of the airlines are not allowed to spare lithium battery checked.

2. What kind of lithium battery can carry on the plane?

Generally speaking, the rated value of not more than 160Wh can carry; super 100Wh but not over 160Wh, approved by the airline can not bring two.

3. Can the lithium battery in the digital device be checked?

Can. But also see the specifications Oh

No more than 100Wh lithium battery and spare battery equipment without reporting. Electronic equipment can be placed in checked baggage or carry baggage. Equipment in the lithium battery or spare lithium battery specifications greater than 100Wh, but not more than 160Wh, should be declared to the airline, before boarding the airline approved. The specifications of the spare battery only carry two.

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